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what's left of the revolution? why is it not like in the sixties anymore? like our music... there is soul somewhere, but we're all divided, categorized. what about unity? is there leaders for the youth movement? people who truely believe and profess the true values, like jimi hendrix, like i don't know, all those people. eminem has got soul but he's been so hurt he spends half his words in fucking fucks.

what do we believe in? what unites us? what is our movement about?

peace. love. freedom. equality. fraternity. beauty. ecology. harmony. expression. purity. truth. alternative energies. true spirituality. recognition. acceptance. nature. unity.

everything i do must follow these guidelines, everything, every moment. i may not be the next jimi hendrix, but if i can inspire so many people into this thinking, show them that it is real and that they are not alone, so i will do.

the psychedelic trance is: mixing the psychedelic thinking, the revolution of the sixties, with the means of today, the computers, the digital everything. our gatherings are festivals for the peace, it is the reason why we dance, because in dance and in music we break the boundaries between the cultures, the languages, the opinions, everything. then we're simply human beings under the sun.

but there is so many choices in cultures now. there are cultures who spread a message of hurt or hatred, cultures born out of the people who felt this way towards what they felt they cannot change. the truth is that we create our own reality, and positive and open cultures are the perfect therapy for realizing this. it is like a door that you open to a place of freedom, that you can really live your dreams, and help to heal the earth and it's people by becoming part of this worldwide tribe.

it is so much more than taking a pill and dancing all night. it's about the involvement. it's about a community that is growing and seeding, like a flower, like all in nature. sure we're being attacked by commercialism and companies such as disk labels and all the rest, but we realize that they are still a little bit lost if they are looking for the money in it. we're not a culture for sale, we are the rainbow children of all the propheties, uniting the world, and it is happening right now!

ok i don't know what else to say there, because i don't necessarly know what's next. i've got this image in mind of our planet surrounded by people holding hands. it's a bit cheezy but that's exactly what we're here to do. we are one. om.

please comment! let's share how we feel! :)
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