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The Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA

The Evergreen State College added a modern burst of color to its library rooftop with the high-tech touch of Color Kinetics intelligent LED illumination.

As part of a broader plan to replace the Daniel J. Evans Library rooftop and existing skylights, the design called for nine new skylights in the form of 45-degree, four-sided glazed pyramids. To highlight these contemporary elements with color and light, four ColorBlast 12 systems were installed on the inside base of each skylight curb, enabling the pyramids to glow from within. The long-life, low-maintenance nature of Color Kinetics LED-based systems allows their installation in such hard-to-access spaces  a key benefit to the project team.

An approximately 45-minute light show was programmed with Color Kinetics ColorPlay authoring software and controlled with iPlayer 2  spanning a series of uniquely designed effects, from random color changes across all nine skylights, to chasing rainbow patterns, color sweeps, and coordinated cross fades. The Controller Keypad provides a simple interface to select one of up to eight programmed light shows. The end result is an artistic blend of color and motion that dazzles against the evening sky..

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