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Hey, I'm jenny. new to LJ. i love trance, raves, drugs, the usual. Anyway, intro posts suck. I'm gonig to a badass event this month and so should you.
" For the past five years, Gaian Mind has also been holding a summer festival at the Four Quarters interfaith sanctuary in Artemas, Pa. “Their land is supercharged magically,” Milletics noted. It has become the longest-running psy-trance festival in the United States, and hundreds from all over the world attend. The event includes a full weekend of dancing, drumming, lectures, workshops, yoga classes, use of a sweat lodge, and swimming. Psy-trance acts this year include AMD, Dickster/Dick Trevor, Aphid Moon, Human Blue, Loopus in Fabula, Yab-Yum/Gaspard/Ajja, Phutureprimitive, Leila DJ and others. “A good dance on Mother Earth is spiritual to me – with my family, friends, and tribe, with drums or drum machines,” said Milletics. “I can tap into the earth rhythms either way. There is a notable difference for me between the nightclub experience and the open air experience – definitely, being in the outdoors dancing to this music all night, experiencing the dawn, and continuing into the afternoon is a spiritual catharsis.”
or check out this site Gaian Mind on Alterati
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