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Festival Photos [24 Jul 2008|02:35am]


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[05 Jun 2008|01:00am]

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Handmaidik [13 Nov 2007|11:49pm]

[ mood | Winter ]

Сделанно по заказу одной поруги %-)
Очень специфическая вещь...хы хы
Интересно пробовать что то новое...

P.S. Фотки радостной хозяйки...

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get felt up [09 Nov 2007|07:53pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


purple_string_skirt red_scratch_belt

red_scratch_skirt solid_triangle

Check out my myspace for these gorgeous felted items - hand made in Australia.

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Entheocentric Salon with Alex Grey [17 Oct 2007|07:11am]

Live painting

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Entheocentric Salon with Alex Grey : San Francisco : October 5th [27 Sep 2007|10:23pm]

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[10 Jun 2007|08:31pm]

[ mood | i am drunk whee. ]

Hey, I'm jenny. new to LJ. i love trance, raves, drugs, the usual. Anyway, intro posts suck. I'm gonig to a badass event this month and so should you. Gaian MindCollapse )
or check out this site Gaian Mind on Alterati

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[10 May 2007|12:25am]


this is my friend papilion's most beautiful/powerful song. listen to the lyrics. i am in this video too, dancing the sacred dance...
one love, people! :)
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How Weird Street Faire, San Francisco [04 May 2007|02:59am]

If you are in the San Francisco area, check out the How Weird Street Faire this Sunday!
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Flute & Voice - Hallo Rabbit (German Psych Folk 1972) [06 Feb 2007|07:51pm]

The Flute is Hans Reffert and the Voice is Hans Brandeis. Together, they combine to make a most beautiful sound and a great album with this album here.

I'm sitting here and listening to the second song called "Fairies" and as soon as the singing pauses and there's a slight lull, I feel like I'm about to drift away and then suddenly, the flute comes in and takes me away more quickly than the soft picks on the cords. It's absolutely amazing.

When the two met, they were witnessing a wonderful Indian Sitar performance and that's when it clicked. They picked up plenty of inspiration from Indian music, but that's not really where a large portion came. They also had plenty of influences in the field of Jazz music along with a large folk inspiration.

This album is ripped at 192 mp3.
The title is Hallo Rabbit

Natural Feeling
Hallo Rabbit
Scottish Rock
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Strike Another Match

Seven amazing songs that seem to flow together in perfection. This album is a must have for anyone remotely interested in folk music.

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Pesnyary - Pesnyary Psych Folk from Russia 1974 [02 Feb 2007|07:08pm]

Not less than nine piece band, they combined rock and folk music in a way no one did before.

The first Pesnyary recordings date back to 1969 (now some are available on compilation CD's issued in 1996). These were the cover versions of the Beatles with Russian lyrics. (Think that every Soviet Union band passed such "Beatles cover versions" period in the beginning of the career).

But it didn't take long for Pesnyary to develop their own, absolutely unique sound. Not less than nine piece band, they combined rock and folk music in a way no one did before. Bjelorussian folk is a specific music, very tender and melodical, filled with sorrow rather than with joy. Pesnyary didn't just make rock arrangements of folk songs, they developed and enriched these songs at the same time taking great care of the original passion and soul. One can find many elements of psychedelia in their earlier works and progressive moves in the later albums. All their LP's are highly recommended.

Sadly, the Soviet music officials were not sleeping... All the bands of the seventies had to include in their repertoire the songs by "official" writers and composers. But these tracks, moving to pop in style, in Pesnyary's versions became massive hits and are popular even nowadays.

All the band members were the top class players and the vocal group was exceptional. Using traditional folk instruments - horns, strings and others (don't know how are they called in English) combined with organ and electric guitar sometimes produced very psychedelic effect. The first, self titled LP saw the light of day in 1971 (by the way the second and third albums were as well self-titled, don't be confused!).

This is the second album. It was released in 1974.

Give it a whirl and lemme know what you think.

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Colonel Bagshot - Oh! What a Lovely War (1971 UK Psych) [29 Jan 2007|08:47pm]

There is very little to be found about the artist Colonel Bagshot, or at least little that I've found about them, but I really like this album and absolutely love the song Six Day War on the album. The album that I have here is relatively poor quality (it says 160 bitrate, but I don't necessarily believe that it was originally that rate). I got it on soulseek a while back and will one day own this record.

This is a very poor quality image of the band.

Here's the album.

This is the record.

The Six Day War, also known as the June War, was fought in 1967 between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria. This was the war which put the Gaza Strip and West Bank under Israeli control. In rhetoric about the situation in Israel and Palestine, there tends to be a lot of talk about pre- and post-1967 borders, which refer to the borders before and after this war. This track is about the war.

Track list:
01. Six Day War
02. Lay It Down
03. Lord High Human Being
04. Headhunters
05. I've Seen the Light
06. Dirty Delilah Blues
07. Sometimes
08. That's What I'd Like to Know
09. Smile
10. Tightrope Tamer
11. Oh, What a Lovely War!

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THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION will be playing a live set of industrial strength psytrance at the "Love" event in Hollywood (Miami) FL on February 14th, 2007 (Valentine's Day). This event is going to be well worth the drive. Its at Club X-it (219 North 21st Avenue Hollywood, Florida 33020). I can't wait to see them live! This event is going to be huge.
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[04 Dec 2006|07:26pm]


secret society 2k6,
montreal, canada
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Rainbow Triangles [06 Nov 2006|05:49am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA

The Evergreen State College added a modern burst of color to its library rooftop with the high-tech touch of Color Kinetics intelligent LED illumination.

As part of a broader plan to replace the Daniel J. Evans Library rooftop and existing skylights, the design called for nine new skylights in the form of 45-degree, four-sided glazed pyramids. To highlight these contemporary elements with color and light, four ColorBlast 12 systems were installed on the inside base of each skylight curb, enabling the pyramids to glow from within. The long-life, low-maintenance nature of Color Kinetics LED-based systems allows their installation in such hard-to-access spaces  a key benefit to the project team.

An approximately 45-minute light show was programmed with Color Kinetics ColorPlay authoring software and controlled with iPlayer 2  spanning a series of uniquely designed effects, from random color changes across all nine skylights, to chasing rainbow patterns, color sweeps, and coordinated cross fades. The Controller Keypad provides a simple interface to select one of up to eight programmed light shows. The end result is an artistic blend of color and motion that dazzles against the evening sky..

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[20 Oct 2006|01:53am]


earthdance 2006, quebec
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[03 Jul 2006|05:00pm]

links to pics from this year's pesud-om

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[04 Jun 2006|05:05pm]


if anyone wants to help me...
i need to move out, its almost a kick out issue...and...im kinda lost
especially money wise.
i have irritable bowel syndrome so i cant work very very long hours...
so im very short on cash
if anyone wants to help me...
i'd be very very thankful...

sorry this is xposted
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[02 Jun 2006|03:52am]

what's left of the revolution? why is it not like in the sixties anymore? like our music... there is soul somewhere, but we're all divided, categorized. what about unity? is there leaders for the youth movement? people who truely believe and profess the true values, like jimi hendrix, like i don't know, all those people. eminem has got soul but he's been so hurt he spends half his words in fucking fucks.

what do we believe in? what unites us? what is our movement about?

peace. love. freedom. equality. fraternity. beauty. ecology. harmony. expression. purity. truth. alternative energies. true spirituality. recognition. acceptance. nature. unity.

everything i do must follow these guidelines, everything, every moment. i may not be the next jimi hendrix, but if i can inspire so many people into this thinking, show them that it is real and that they are not alone, so i will do.

the psychedelic trance is: mixing the psychedelic thinking, the revolution of the sixties, with the means of today, the computers, the digital everything. our gatherings are festivals for the peace, it is the reason why we dance, because in dance and in music we break the boundaries between the cultures, the languages, the opinions, everything. then we're simply human beings under the sun.

but there is so many choices in cultures now. there are cultures who spread a message of hurt or hatred, cultures born out of the people who felt this way towards what they felt they cannot change. the truth is that we create our own reality, and positive and open cultures are the perfect therapy for realizing this. it is like a door that you open to a place of freedom, that you can really live your dreams, and help to heal the earth and it's people by becoming part of this worldwide tribe.

it is so much more than taking a pill and dancing all night. it's about the involvement. it's about a community that is growing and seeding, like a flower, like all in nature. sure we're being attacked by commercialism and companies such as disk labels and all the rest, but we realize that they are still a little bit lost if they are looking for the money in it. we're not a culture for sale, we are the rainbow children of all the propheties, uniting the world, and it is happening right now!

ok i don't know what else to say there, because i don't necessarly know what's next. i've got this image in mind of our planet surrounded by people holding hands. it's a bit cheezy but that's exactly what we're here to do. we are one. om.

please comment! let's share how we feel! :)
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[25 May 2006|11:43am]



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